Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

1953 CS Lister 5/1 follows me home - 17th August 2009.

I came across these Listers by chance. I have always liked the  5/1 or 6/1 Lister CS (Cold Start) but they are quite big and heavy compared to my other engines so never thought that I would actually own one. Well now I do!

More of the story later - this page will grow in time but for now it's just a few pics of the day I finally collected two CS 5/1's as well as an aircooled, 3 cylinder HA (33 H.P. @ 1800 RPM). Originally I had wanted both the 5/1's but my friend George Botha of Stilfontein ("Die Lister Manne" or, in English, "The Lister Men") asked so nicely for one of the 5/1's that I agreed that he could take it. He had already collared the 3 cylinder. He collects Listers and was short of a radiator cooled 5/1 to complete his collection. How could I refuse?

Today I drove to Pretoria with my friend Neville Botha (no relation to George Botha) and collected the 3 engines. It was quite a traumatic trip due to South Africa hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The "guvmunt" is trying to impress the rest of the world and, seeing as that this trip was through our main industrial/commercial area, there were "roadworks" all of the way. But I'd rather not discuss that.

For now here are a few pics of the load - a successful day in old engine land!!

Looking at the pictures, we could possibly have made a better job of "distributing the load" but had time constraints and what you see is the best we could do within those  constraints. My 11 year old Mazda pickup managed just fine - the trip back took about 3 hours at a leisurely 100 Kilometers per hour. We took all the back roads to avoid the traffic on the highways.

UPDATE 31st August 2009: I've been spending all my spare time on this engine and it is now time to get the webpage going. Click here to go to Page 2.
UPDATE 9th November 2009: The final colour starts appearing. Mid Brunswick Green on the casing. Click here to go to Page 3.

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Loaded and ready to go. The 1.5 tonne load was not
too well distributed but worked O.K.

My friend Neville Botha who helped me &
was in charge of securing the load .

The trailer - 3 Cylinder at the back and 5/1 in front.

Another 5/1 on the back of my pickup.

Another view of the load.

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