Jerry's Old Engines in South Africa

18 December 2005.

On Tuesday 13th December 2005 Rodney Burnett, Neville Botha and myself did a quick trip down to the Karoo to collect some engines returning late the following day. For overseas readers, the Karoo is a dry semi desert region in the central part of South Africa. It is mainly a sheep farming area.

We had a very successful trip and came back with a good haul of engines. In fact, we had to leave 2 behind as there was no more space on the truck for them. These were a Ruston & Hornsby Size 2 and a Petter semidiesel of about 5/6 H.P.

What we did bring back was 4 Petters, 1 aircooled Petter genset, 1 Bamford, 1 Massey Harris (Cushman) Cub, 1 Fairbanks Morse (about 7 H.P.), an Alco genset (plus an extra incomplete engine), a Lister A and of course my personal prize, A Wolseley Series 4 (or R Type).

I hope you enjoy looking at them and would appreciate any feedback or information especially on the Wolseley and the Petter aircooled genset. I would like someone to identify the Petter for me.
Thanks in advance.

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Petter (4 engines)
Petter Aircooled Genset
Alco Featherweight
Wolseley  R

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