Jerry's Old Engines in South Africa

Jacqui's present from Noel Krebser - 28 January 2006

        At Neville Botha's open day in November 2005 a friend of mine. Noel Krebser,  was very impressed with my daughter, Jacqui's Wolseley/Senator and phoned me a few days later to tell me that he had found 2 engines that she would love. He described them as "ideal ladies engines". Although not "vintage" they are both about 25 to 30 years old and when she reaches my age they will be pretty old. :-)

        At  the "Takkies & Tyres" show held today at the Northwest University Campus in Vanderbijlpark he presented her with 2 really "dinky" little Bernard engines. Both 1 1/2 HP aircooled but different models. She will show them  with the collection of Bernard engines that I am building up and they will be the smallest in the display.
        Within a few minutes she had gathered a few helpers around, borrowed a spark plug and some petrol and with some help had one running beautifully.
        I enjoy the fact that my daughter takes an interest in (my) "Old Iron" affliction. How many other fathers out there are this lucky?
        The pictures tell the story - Jacqui is the one with the "wall to wall" smile :-)

Jacqui's Bernards

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