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1949  17 H.P. John Robson engine.

I received an eMail from a chap in Israel today (9 September 2006) asking for help with this beautiful John Robson Engine.

Can anyone help please ?

Dear Sir,
I have found your internet site while looking for information about Robson engines on the net.

We are a Christian Arab family of old origins in Western Galilee (in Israel), and for more than a 100 years having olive mills.  we have an old traditional olive mill with a Robson engine since 1949, in a good condition of all its parts, and fully worked for the last time in 1993.  

Each year we do care to try the engine to be sure that it works properly.  Lately we are having some problems with the diesel pump (which is in simple words, "stuck"), whick is preventing us from going on with this yearly test of the engine.

Hereby I attach those two pics, hoping for exchanging useful information with yourself, and with anyone that would like to exchange any relative info, especially about the problem (of the diesel pump) I mentioned above.
Best regards,
Tawfiq Daoud,
I'billin Village,
Israel .

His eMail address is <>  - if you can help please mail him direct but a copy to the S.E.L and Oldengine Lists would also be appropriate.

I think that the first picture of this engine in it's original working surroundings is absolutely stunning. This chap deserves some help in keeping it running.

Thanks in advance.

Here are the pictures

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17 H.P John Robson Engine
17 H.P. John Robson Spec Plate

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