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Hocking of Ballarat, Australia table model chaff cutter

    These are a few pictures of a Table Model Chaff Cutter which I recently acquired. It is hand powered and the diameter of the cutter wheel is 420 mm.
    It was made in Ballarat, Australia and the casting bears the name "Hocking".
    This machine would do a fine job of removing a few misplaced fingers. As a "short one" I remember using this kind of machine to cut Lucerne (Alfalfa to the Yanks) for my Mom's chickens and Turkeys but by todays standards it would be considered too dangerous to let children near. It would be a "Safety Inspector's" worst nightmare.
    Any info appreciated.

Hocking of Ballarat - table model chaff cutter
Casting name
hocking chaff cutter
Top view
table model chaff cutter made by Hocking of Ballarat, Australia
Rear view
Hocking table model chaff cutter
Another top view
Blades of Hocking chaff cutter
The business end


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