Jerry's old engines in South Africa

and Gerald  Buitendach's 8th Annual Engine Day
23 rd April 2005

Although I've only been involved in this crazy hobby for less than a year I heard many months ago about Jenny & Gerald's Engine Day and was told that it is a "not to be missed" event. My invitation arrived on the 28/01/2005 which gave me something to look forward to.

Dawn heralded a cold overcast sky and we were worried about the outcome of the day. I phoned Neville Botha who stated quite emphatically "It's Geralds Day - we're going". My daughter, Jacqui, and I duly collected him, Norman Spykerman and Justin Ludewig, hooked up Neville's trailer load of engines and hit the road.

As we approached Johannesburg the skies got darker until eventually the heavens opened up and Neville was heard to utter "Shame! Poor Gerald" between sips of warming coffee. We reached Northcliff and stopped to buy more coffee (the first bottle was finished). Then on to Gerald and Jenny's house where we parked, drank more coffee and tots of Hendrick Massyn's traditional "Engine Day" Buchu Brandy and waited for the rain to stop. Fortunately it was not long before we could offload the engines. Soon the rain stopped altogether and, although it was still overcast, we were blessed with no more rain for the rest of the day.

The turnout of visitors and engines was very good and it was refreshing to see some engines that I had never about before. (As mentioned - I have not been in this game for long). Our engines were parked on the front lawn alongside the swimming pool, which proved to be a boon for those who had pumping sets and I imagine the pool water was circulated a lot more than usual. Gerald must have very patient neighbours to have tolerated the noise and exhaust gases from so many vintage engines.

At about mid morning we were given a mealie (thats "corn" to you overseas readers) threshing demonstration on Geralds beautifully restored Sunshine threshing machine being driven by a rare old German two stroke diesel engine that he had rescued from Namibia (formerly South West Africa which had been a German colony many years previously). An amusing aspect of this engine is the judicious use of a hammer as a throttle adjusting device. The  name of this engine escapes me at present - I am waiting for an eMail from Gerald with the name and will update this page as soon as I have it.

Lunch was a "bring and braai" (braai = barbeque) affair with delicious salads provided by Jenny. The camaraderie that exists amongst engine collectors is something that still amazes me and a good time was had by all with much    note swopping as well as
good natured teasing going on. ( "I never realised that engine was a two stroke until I saw how much it smoked").

We loaded up our engines late in the afternoon and set off homewards after a very enjoyable day.
Thank you Jenny and Gerald.

Enjoy the pictures below - all have been reduced in size to make for speedier loading and browsing but should anyone want higher resolution pictures please feel free to ask - my email address and contact details can be found on the front page of this site. Click here to go there.

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British Anzani (46Kb)
Anzani Info Board(25Kb)
bernard w112.jpg
Jerry Evans' Bernard W112 (144 Kb)
Neville Botha's Bernard WP1 (94 Kb)
Neville Botha's Bernard WO (98 Kb)
Neville Botha's Bernard WP2 (82 Kb)
Hendrick Massyn's BSA (86 Kb)
Clinton lawnmower (33 Kb)
Some of the engines on display (63 Kb)
More of the engines on display (55 Kb)
Gerald's Delco lighting plant (1)(76 Kb)
Gerald's Delco lighting plant (2)(80 Kb)
Norman Spykerman's Ducati (96 KB)
Gerald's Fairmont Genset (65 Kb)
1916 7 H.P. Fairbanks Morse (81 Kb)
Hendrick Massyn's Fairbanks style D (45 Kb)
Lister DK (68 Kb)
Lister pumping set (81 Kb)
Des Nel's "Red" Massey Harris (110 Kb)
Justin Ludewig's Massey Harris (58 Kb)
1923 National 3 H.P. (78 Kb)
"Lister A restored by Manie Cronje" (64 Kb)
1929 Petter M - 3 H.P. (69 Kb)
George & Koos Botha's A/C Petter (53 Kb)
Neels Booyens's Petter "Acorntop" (51 Kb)
Hein Stroh's Rustons (96 Kb)
3" Scale Traction engine (1)(93 Kb)
3" Scale Traction engine (2)(98 Kb)
Sunshine Thresher (1) (81 Kb)
Sunshine Thresher (2) (86 Kb)
Des Nel's Villiers Genset (64 Kb)
Gerrie de Jong's Villiers MK 7 (63 Kb)
Jerry Evans' Wolseley WD9 (92 Kb)

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