Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Fielding & Platt Oil Engine. 22/24 Horse Power.
6th June 2007

Neville Botha rescued this engine from a scrapyard many years ago and has had it in storage awaiting restoration. That time has now come and he has started working on it.

The engine is complete and in reasonable condition but showing some bad signs of neglect and abuse. There were numerous broken parts and other badly welded repairs which he is in the process of fixing.

At this stage I only have a few photographs from him which I have scanned. Please excuse the quality as the lighting was not the best when they were taken. I've digitally enhanced them to the best of my ability.

He is looking for any information on this engine and particularly would like to get a set of "Starting Instructions" and an operators manual. If anyone can oblige please contact me via the eMail address at the bottom of this page.

Update - 23 February 2008

After many months of work on this engine Neville invited a group of us around today for the official

Neville, Thys Jonker and Deon Bouwer were the main operators and were ably assisted by Gerald Buitendach, Neels Booyens, Hennie Swanepoel, Norman Spykerman and Rod Burnett. Also present were Justin Ludewig, Des Nel, Johan van Vuuren, Jan Theron and myself.

Neville (assisted by Thys) had fabricated an "air start" system for the engine and Neville's recently restored
Ruston & Hornsby PS charged the air receiver.

When the pressure was right Deon Bouwer activated the air start and soon the engine fired and ran but the speed was a bit high and it was quickly shut down for some governor adjustments by Thys and Neville.

Thereafter numerous unsuccessful attempts were made to start the engine and we stopped for lunch. Luann (Nevilles wife) had prepared plates of delicious snacks and the bachelors (Rod and Myself) had our best meal in many days.

A few more attempts were made after lunch before Hennie Swanepoel realised that someone had shut off one of the fuel valves in the haste of the first shutdown. This was opened and the engine fired and ran beautifully on the next attempt. Final speed and other ajustments were made and soon the old Fielding & Platt  was running as she did in he heyday.

The "Start Up" pics are show at the bottom of the thumbnail lists (with an orange background).

I captured the startup on video which you can download here (3.7 Mbytes) : <Startup video>. I suggest that you "Right Click" the link and choose to save the file to your hard drive and then run it from there. (It is a Windows Media file (.wmv) created with Windows Movie Maker (ver.2.1.4026.0) running under Windows XP Pro (ver. 5.1 Service Pack 2). If it will not run on your Windows computer you probably need to run an update on Windows Media Player.)

Here are the pictures

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Fielding & Platt makers plate
The cast aluminium makers plate.
Fielding & Platt from cylinder head end
A view from the cylinder head end.
Fielding & Platt - Main casting
Stripped down to the main casting (block).
Fielding & Platt head
Closeup of the cylinder head.
Fielding & Platt cylinder head
Another closeup of the head
Click here to view a video of the startup
The "START UP" - 23 February 2008

Ready for startup

Makers and Agents Plates

Another view

Deon Bouwer "Holding Thumbs"

Deon and Hennie watch as Neville tinkers

Heating the hot tube before starting

It's running again after many years.

Happy smiles from Neville and Thys.

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