Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Engines &Tractors for Sale - 16th March 2007.

Ben Coetzee of Welkom is selling his collection. This consists of about 26 stationary engines and 2 tractors. 

The engines consist mainly of Lister A, B & D models and  Wolseleys (covering  8 different licencee's such as Trojan, Senator, Wolseley, Southern Cross etc.). Other engines include a  Fairbanks Morse Z, an aircooled Coburn and an Armstrong Siddeley aircooled diesel.

The 2 tractors are a Ferguson Vaaljapie complete with original 3 furrow (10") mouldboard plough and original P.T.O. pulley which was awarded 9 out of a possible 10 points at the Clocolan show. The other tractor is a 1954 Massey Harris 744 which was awarded 8 out of a possible 10 points at the Clocolan show.

The engines are excellently restored and in good running condition. Some are on wheels and others are on skids.
It is not often that a collection of this quality comes on the market in South Africa and collectors are urged to avail themselves of this opportunity. Ben has not taken any shortcuts in restoring any of these engines and most are fitted with new bearings, pistons, rings etc. Feel free to contact Ben to discuss any particular engine with him.

To contact Ben you may eMail me and I will relay messages to him.

Update 5th May 2007.
Most of these items have now been sold. I will leave the page intact for interest sake. The Air Cooled Coburn, Armstrong Siddeley and 2 Lister "D's" are still available.

Click on the pics for a bigger version. 

1954 Massey Harris 744 tractor. This tractor was awarded 8 out of a possible 10 points at Clocolan for restoration.

Grey Ferguson T.E.D. tractor (Vaaljapie) complete with original Ferguson 3 furrow plough (10") and P.T.O. pulley. This tractor was awarded 9 out of a possible 10 points at Clocolan.
Armstrong Siddeley aircooled diesel.

Coburn Air Cooled
Fairbanks Morse Z

The A & B Listers are SOLD.
2  "D's" are still available 5th May 2007.
IHC - McCormick Deering 6 H.P.

Southern Cross AC 5hp tank cooled but without tank.
(Someone has an option on this engine so please enquire first)
Hopper cooled Wolseley / Trojan

Hopper cooled 5 hp Wolseley

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