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Out of Africa.
(or "You know you live in Africa when..........!")

We've all had those emails that start off "You know you live in Africa when.........!"

I decided to keep them and present a selection of African jokes and other more serious stuff  which has come to me via email.

Hey! If we can't laugh at ourselves then we're a pretty sorry lot.

(Sometimes I've added an explanation for overseas readers who may not understand our local expressions, conditions  or language).

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Just funny stuff.
Lion warning
Lion warning


Beggar 2
Another beggar

African transport

Escom's Greatest Hits
Escom - Greatest Hits

(exp. Escom is our electricity supplier)
African name
African names

fast & deadly
"Fast & Deadly"

A well described Black Taxi.

(I'm not sure if this is a
policewoman or a security guard)
Poledancer - Township style

Snazzy dresser
Snazzy Dresser

Is this heaven?
"We're in Heaven ??"

Sleeping security guard at shopping centre.
"Sleeping on duty"

The sign on the cart reads "2010 (Soccer World Cup) we are ready"

More serious stuff.
Newspaper Item
Newspaper article
Another newspaper item
Save our Scorpions
In memory of the Scorpions. Probably the best and most successful crime fighting unit ever in the "New" South Africa, They were recently disbanded by our government - mainly because they did their job too well!! 'nuff said!

(Our national Rugby team are known as the Springboks - or abbreviated to "Boks" or "Bokke". They were
World Champions in 1995 and are again 2008/9 World champions - unlike our national soccer team who just cannot seem to get their act together.
Springbok supporters
Springbok supporters
Springbok supporters
Springbok supporters
(No support needed here!!)
Springbok supporters
Springbok supporters
Springbok supporters
Springbok supporters

Up Yours too mate!
"Up yours too mate"

Sports greeting!

Crime - the lighthearted side.
Vehicle hijacking
Vehicle hijacking

Playing Monopoly - the S.A. version

taxi drivers
Drivers Licences

"Taxi's & the law"
"Taxi's & the Law"


The "Good Old Days"
"When I was a kid my mother would send me to the shop with a R2.00 note and I'd come back with a bag of meal, 3 loaves of bread, 2 litres of milk, a dozen eggs, a kilogram of cheese, a large "polony" and a big packet of sweets !!

You can't do that anymore- too many bloody security cameras!"


Crime - the serious side.
(Cable theft has become a very serious problem - these pics show the result when one thief "got it wrong").

Warning these pics are pretty gruesome! - click at your own peril.
Cable theft result
Cable theft result
cable thief

UPDATE 5th May 2010 - these just in. More cable thieves who "got it wrong". WARNING - THESE PICTURES ARE VERY GRUESOME, DO NOT CLICK ON THEM IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH OR HAVE A WEAK HEART!!!!.  They show THIEVES who got their "come uppance" and will NOT be attending the "2010 Soccer World Cup" in South Africa.

The culture of dishonesty and thievery that is now so commonplace in South Africa is very disturbing and sickening. Thieves ply their trade with total disregard for the ineffective "forces of law and order".  (Apologies to the few "Honest Cops" around - there are still some!)

Excuse me if I show no sympathy toward these common thieves who got what was coming to them - from the laws of physics (electricity) - NOT the laws of the country - this was so much more effective! Sorted the problem out "One Time" (as we say in South Africa). No lengthy court cases - no free holiday in jail - just pure justice. No more stealing by these two (and hopefully their friends also got the message).  Eisch!! Haau!! (more South African "lingo")

Copper cable theft from telephone lines, electricity supply lines and railway lines is very prevalent in this "New South Africa". It costs the economy of the country 
many millions of Rands (that's our local currency) annually as well as much inconvenience to citizens and businesses.   If the government was really serious about putting a stop to crime they could very easily do so and in a very short time. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be one of their priorities.

Please note that the above is NOT in any way to be taken as  "racist" comment - crime affects us all irrespective of skin colour.

Shocking, isn't it (please excuse the intentional pun).

Click on any picture to see a bigger version - but you have been warned!!!!.

Political - sometimes scary and not so funny!.
Government structure
Govmunt structure

(Explanation - the word 'munt'
comes from the Shona African language
and means "person" but the word is
sometimes (not too kindly) used to
describe a black person.)
Mugabe on Apartheid

Jacob Zuma
Jacob Zuma-
our President .

Disclaimer: It's not my intention to offend anyone with this page - all the material on this page has come from email and is therefore in the "public domain".

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