Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Wieke & Wiele - Parys Airfield.
25th April 2009.


We attended the Parys "Wieke en Wiele" show on the 25th April 2009. This is the first show in our region for 2009 and is held at the Parys Airfield roughly an hours drive away. This is the first year I have attended in spite of having many "invites" from Pierre Boulogne over the years. Pierre and his friends always support our club events and it was about time that I reciprocated.  That, combined with the fact that it was Jacqui's birthday on the 24th and she's crazy about aeroplanes sealed it. It would be a great outing for her birthday (and I could not resist her begging anymore :-))
We collected my mate Justin Ludewig at 8:15 am and to use his words "The game was on." 

On arrival we were soon offloaded and had the engines running. It was good to chat with friends that we had not seen for a while.

    Jacqui even got a flip in a Huey as can be seen in the pics. Another big attraction was the Junkers aeroplane and spectacular displays by the "Academy Brushware" Harvards (that must have cost them a frotune in gas).  The Harvards are always a crowd pleaser and this time was no exception. the "Pitts Specials" were also spectacular but unfortunately I did not get many pics (Jacqui had my camera at the Junkers.)

Apologies for not having any engine pics on this page - just aircraft.

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The "Academy Brushware" Harvards
Harvard fly past
The Academy Brushware Harvards fly past
The Academy Brushware Harvards again.

And again.
And now disappearing over a hangar roof.

"Heuy" helicopter

Jacqui waiting for take off  in the Huey

South African Airways restored Junkers JU52. ZS-ASA
Junkers JU52

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