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Here are a few manuals for vintage engines and other stuff that I have scanned.  All are Adobe portable document format (.pdf) files.  I will add more as and when I have time to scan them.

Please note that it is not my intention to infringe on anyones copyright - these are mostly "out of print" manuals for old vintage stationary engines and the like and copyright belongs to the original author.

I offering them as a service to collectors of old stationary engines and they are not for resale. If you plan on selling them for a profit please be warned that every page bears the legend :


Furthermore, if you do try to profit from them an ancient Egyptian curse will instantly affect you and twenty thousand fleas will descend upon your crotch and your fingernails will turn to fishhooks!  You have been warned.

I will also not add manuals for engines that I know are commercially available such as Lister or Ruston and Hornsby. Literature and manuals for these are available at very reasonable prices from David Edgington (Lister) and  Ray Hooley (Ruston & Hornsby).

There are also some links to other excellent download sites further down the page.
I have gone to a lot of effort to produce good quality files and spent much time "touching up and cleaning" pages and generally making them more useable. This does make the file size a bit larger but still easy to download. Many of these are still easily readeable at magnification of up to 1000% in Adobe reader which is good when you are trying to "zoom in" to see a part on the engine.

Although I've made these manuals freely available to members of the hobby there is just one requirement involved - please drop me a note via eMail that you have downloaded them. I have gone to a lot of trouble to produce them and have done this as a free service to old engine collectors worldwide!

Is a short "Thank You" note too much to expect in return ?

 Of course there will always be people like the guy on the
Yahoo Ransomes MG Tractor list ( )
who downloaded my "Ransomes MG" manual and put it up in their site as his own  "contribution".

Guys, I'll never turn a reasonable request down and if you want to use one of the manuals that I've scanned then that will be fine with me - just write and let me know.

DO NOT STEAL IT AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN WORK !! Rather use a link to my site - I like visitors as well.

Here are the files.

(More will be added "As and When !")

Bamford EG & SG - Instructions & Parts List (1857 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)
(Thanks to Andy Selfe in South Africa for scanning this manual).

Bernard W112 - Instructions and parts. (English) (6761 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Bernard Type 21 Diesel -Parts manual (In French) (563 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Bernard W110 - Parts (In French)  (810 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Coborn C3 & C6 - Operating Instructions & Parts. (2.8 Mbytes) (.pdf) (Download)
(Thanks to Steve Richardson of the U.K. for scanning this manual).

Deutz Model MA 608/711 - Parts list (in German) (1989 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Deutz Model MA 608/711  - Service manual (In German)  (1423 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)
(Thanks to Hein Stroh of South Africa for providing scans of the 2 Deutz manuals above).

Enfield Mk. 1 Twin cylinder diesel - Instructions-1951. (3336 Kbytes) (.pdf)  (Download)

Enfield Mk. 1 Twin cylinder diesel  - Parts-1950. (11144 Kbytes) (.pdf)  (Download)

Ferguson TE-D & TE-E - Vapourising oil tractor instruction book.  (8661 Kbytes) (.pdf)  (Download)
(Sorry that this one is a bit big but the quality is very good.)

International Harvester Model LB - Manual and parts. (5014 Kbytes) (.zip) (Download)

Massey Harris / Cushman Cub Model R -  Instructions & parts. (852 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Ransomes Gazelle Mk 2 Motor Lawn Mower -  Operating Instructions (1528Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Ransomes Motor Cultivator M.G.5. -  Working & Maintenance Instructions. (779 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Ransomes Vibro Hoe - Working & Maintenance Instructions. (502 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Southern Cross Farm Pumper Mk J - Operating instructions. (2242 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)

Southern Cross AC - Operating instructions & parts. (1064 Kbytes) (.pdf) (Download)
This is the Southern Cross copy of the Wolseley WLB 8 that was produced in Bloemfontein, South Africa from the mid 1950's to the late 1960's.
(Thanks to Ian matthews of Australia for providing this manual).

Other useful sources of literature.

Clicking on these links will take you away from my site - I hope you enjoyed the visit - please visit again soon.

Paul  Evans' Museum of Internal Fire - many manuals to download for a small donation - Please support him. (Click Here)

Jeff Allen's Old Engine Members Technical Index - Many useful items as well as links to other members pages (Click Here)

David Edgington offers Lister, Wolseley, Amanco and other literature and decals. (Click Here)

Ray Hooley supplies literature and decals for Ruston & Hornsby engines. (Click Here)

The New Way Registry has much info and downloads for new Way Engines. (Click Here) (Where this page is hosted - thanks Jim) also has a download page here. (Click Here)

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