Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Jacqui featured in the Vaalweekblad.
30th September 2009.


This article about Jacqui was written by Mauritz Meyer and featured in our local newspaper "die Vaalweekblad" on the 30th September 2009.

Unfortunately, for our overseas friends, it is written in Afrikaans. For their benefit, it is an account of her entry and involvement into the Stationary Engine scene.

The headline, loosely translated states "A rose in a world of thorns" or "A rose in a mans world (the Stationary Engine scene)".

Well done my girl!

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For the sake of our overseas friends Jacqui has provided this translation of the original Afrikaans text.

The caption next to the picture reads; A lady who doesn’t stand back for the men – Jacqueline Evans pictured her with her “pride and joy”.

Our veteran section of “Hit The Road” regularly introduces the male collectors of cars and stationary engines, but since it is the “Year of the Woman’, we owe it to them, to give the women who have been bitten by the collector’s bug, the recognition they deserve. The collector we introduce this week collects and restores stationary engines. Jacqui really enjoys the camaraderie between collectors.

 It is not just a question of getting an engine running. The collectors have a passion for their hobby and not only fix them, but they must also be beauty to behold.

Her Dad, Jerry’s, interest in engines planted the seed. Jacqueline always helped him with his restorations and accompanied him to the shows.

Justin Ludewig, who is also a collector, gave Jacqueline her first engine in 2004.

The engine, a Wolseley Senator WD 9, was a rusted block and he challenged her to make something of it. Other collectors smiled knowingly and wondered if a woman was capable of restoring an engine! She enjoys a challenge and this was her opportunity to prove herself. She visualised her engine being Lime Green covered in colourful flowers – a “fun” engine. As the engine began to take shape, she relented and decided to paint it the original colour.

The enthusiasm with which she approached the restoration surprised collectors like Neville Botha, Norman Spykerman, Justin and her Dad. Their help in the form of advice and spare parts was readily forthcoming.

Fellow collector, Koos Kriel of Potchefstroom invited her to show her engine at his annual show. The invitation motivated her to work into the wee hours of the morning to get the engine ready.

Perseverance paid off and the engine was ready for the show. Although not running due to a missing magneto gear, it was ready for the next Wheels at the Vaal Exhibition, where Jacqueline turned heads with her restoration.

Members of the Vaal Old Wheels Club took note of her interest and enthusiasm and awarded her the stationary engine trophy in 2006. Receiving the award motivated her to do more and she now has two Bernard engines awaiting restoration. She feels very strongly that her engines, must be able compete with the rest.

The fact that there is such strong competition only serves to motivate her to do better.

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