Jerrys Old Engines in South Africa

Johnson Iron Horse battery charger - 21st March 2010

I received an eMail from Jonathan Amos-Brown re this small battery charger. Can anyone help identify it please.

His email reads:
The brass plate gives all the info as to engine settings, electrical power etc but no makers name. The only thing I can make out is O.M & M model ----bunch of numbers.

Update 22nd March 2010:  Identified within minutes by members of the S.E.L. e-mail list as a Johnson Iron Horse. Thanks guys.

Peter Forbes sent me a manual for the BSA version which was made in England by BSA under licence. Ken Christisen also sent a scan of an advert from the Dec.1937 edition of Popular mechanics - see below.

Phil Gray-Taylor from the cape (South Africa) also sent me an ad from the local Farmers Weekly (August 1937) showing it on offer from Geen & Richards in (a furniture store in Johannesburg).

Of interest in the 2 ads is that the price was the same in the U.S.A as in South Africa (in those days US$ 2.00 was equal to 1 Pound) but the South African offer included "2 heavy duty 6 volt batteries". I sure wish we could buy batteries for that price today!

Footnote: Stupid me - I should have just gone out to my shed and looked at mine - they are identical :-).  (In my defence, I was a bit thrown off by the different nameplate and otherwise occupied at the time - that's my story and I'm sticking to it :-))

Here are the pictures

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The ad from Popular Mechanics sent by Ken Christesen.

A Similar ad submitted by Phil Gray-Taylor from the South African Farmers Weekly

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