It's the sort of thing which always happens to someone else - a call saying a shed is being cleared out following a death in the family, there's a few old engines if you're interested ... Working on the theory that any engine is a good engine, Jim and his brother collected two Lister Ds, and this little baby.
Any suggestions as to what it might be would be gratefully received!

As found, with a strange hot tube / exhaust at the front The curved spokes go in opposite directions on the two flywheels   The flyball govenor seems a bit crude

  Size comparison with the 15HP Tillinghast   The engine is very well made, with a numbering system on the components for ease of servicing 

Electric ignition looks to be governed by shorting the spark out    On static display at the 1000 Engine Rally, just a week after bringing it home  With Arnie Fero, as the engine makes its first coughs for many years 

To see a 6.4MB video of the engine running (briefly!) click this button For a 4.8MB video of the engine running on propane, click on the button.

Engines restored by Jim

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