The Show

It is impossible to do more than convey just a sense of what the Portland show is all about. This is a collection of photographs which try to capture the variety.

The famous "sausage grinder" engine is a thing of beauty, and a "junkyard dog" a fascinating exercise in adapting and converting. These three engines I can identify only because the decals are clear enough to read - a Monitor, an Olds and a Stickney restored way beyond it's original perfection!

A Maytag display (riskily positioned in the row next to the ATIS area, right in the firing line for tennis ball containers from Arnie's Witte exhaust) featured a wonderful working miniature washer and battery-powered Maytag, and over near the biggest engines, were these tiny working models.

A new group at the Portland show were the OAFS, or rather, the OFES, the Oil Field Engine Society. To join, it was necessary to swear an oath to the appreciation of Big Old Greasy Rusty Oil Field Engines. Many of us joined, and are proud to carry our membership cards and spread the word!

Portland is the place to find engines of every make, restoration and size. Equally, the engine lovers come in all sizes (thanks to Dave Rotigel for this pic of the ATIS Tag Wrestling Team, Ted Brookover, Rick Monk and Leroy Clarke, with their manager Helen French, alias The Flame Mistress) and ages!

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