The Sale Area

Almost as soon as we arrived, a glassy-eyed Tim Cristoff, wiping drool off his chin, told us about a spectacular 5HP Aeromotor in the sale area. Although he celebrated his birthday at Portland, I don't think anyone bought it for him ;-)

Also in the area Leroy refers to as "Millionaire's Row" was this immaculate IHC.

As with the rest of the show, the sale area has lots of variety, from the perfect, high priced engines, to the trailers filled with an endless selection, including this one with a Fairbanks Morse Eclipse 2HP as a centrepiece, and of course, covering all sizes!. Some sellers specialise, such as one selling wheels and carts. Arnie and Dave had a brief to find an engine for a fellow club member to run his blacksmith's shop - here Jim French, Leroy Clarke and Arnie Fero check over some possible candidates. Not being very knowledgeable about engines myself, I was more attracted to unusual items, such as this dog treadmill ... wonder what Rogan would think of that!

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