So, after a week at the Portland show, and the days prior to the show being spent looking at trains, white water rafting, the Kinzer show etc, I escaped the family and spent one day doing "girlie stuff", checking out the Pittsburgh shops. However, you will be relieved to know that I'm not putting up pictures of what I was doing! So, while I was hunting down bargins, the boys of the family went out with John Fankhauser, to see how oil is still produced on a small scale in the Pittsburgh area.

Their first stop was at a well owned and run by Ray Langer, with power for the pumping operation supplied by a 15HP Reid. The second well was a short distance away and was powered by a Hercules. This shows John Fankhauser amidst the workings of the well head, with a close-up of the well head itself. The connecting rod had obviously given long and valued service ...

The day finished with a look at John's workshop, where his amazing models are created.

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