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One of the highlights of Portland is the ATIS dinner, held at the Back Forty Junction in Decatur, and the scene of the annual live charity auction, run by our very own auctioneer, Norman O'Neal, seen here with his assistants for the night, Tom and Christian French, holding up the matching hammers for inspection, the larger one being the Official Portland Y2K BFH and the smaller one is the Official Portland Y2K LFH (thanks for the clarification on that, Rob!). Arnie Fero, alias Novoboy, presented a signed photograph of himself to the highest bidder, in this case, Peg Pfeiffer. Leroy, proudly wearing his Ozzie Overlander hat given to him by Paul Pavlinovich, was determined that his friend Tim Cristoff should also have one, and kindly bid for the one in the auction on Tim's behalf - here they are modelling the hats!

Two people without whom the Stationary Engine Mailing List would not exist are Brice Adams and Spencer Yost - thanks guys! Dave Rotigel presented Spencer with an ATIS logo penknife - not quite as dramatic as Brice's Economy last year being wheeled through the restaurant running!!

This year, we spent most of the evenings at the showground, enjoying the engines after the crowds had gone home. We spent a couple of evenings down in what Leroy Clarke refers to as "the low rent district" of the campground, sitting around the Munter's campfire, and were briefly given shelter during a heavy rainstorm by the tractor guys. The picture isn't too good, because I had to leave the shelter in order to take it - Steve Sewell, Arnie Fero, Steve Webre and Norman O'Neal. The campground also turned out to be the location for the 2nd International World Beer Tasting and the First International World Crisp/Chip tasting. Everyone was supplied with a cup, and the bottles were passed around the circle for everyone to taste, and votes taken at the end. Actual participants varied throughout the evening; here is Larry Brandon discussing the finer points of label design with Steve Webre, while Jim and Chris French decide which crisps to hand round next. Later in the evening, Luke Tonneburger and Keith Munter took the seats of Larry and his wife. Arnie, John Culp and Keith Munter - this one must've been taken later in the evening, judging from the stains on John's shorts ;-) Ron Carroll, John Cullom and Chuck Balyeat - just look at the pile of empty bottles in front of John!

And now for the crucial part - which beers were tested, and which won? I've tried to add the contributing country or state where possible!

Wychwood 3 Lions (UK), Rusty Rivet (UK), Oberon Pale Ale, Abita Turbo Dog, Penn Pilsner (PA, USA), Scarlet Lady (PA, USA), Harvest Ale 1999 (UK - sent by Dave Croft), Tinners Ale (Cornwall, UK), 1698 (UK), Sneck Lifter (UK), Shiner Bock, John Davy, Delicious Brown, NS Pale Ale, Founders Pale Ale, Wychwood Red Kite (UK), Westmalle Trappist (Belgium - sent by Andy French), Mojo Premium, Wreckers (Cornwall, UK), Broadside (UK), Het Kapittel (Belgium), Wychwood Hobgoblin (UK), Badger Beer (UK), Leffe Blond (Belgium), Purple Haze (LA, USA - sent by Pete and Ruth Allman).

Voting went as follows:

Hobgoblin - 4, Liffe - 2, Rusty Rivet - 2, Het Kapittel - 2, Harvest Ale 1999 - 2, 1698 - 1, 3 Lions - 1

So once again, Wychwood Hobgoblin was the winner!

The crisps tasted were:

Brannigans Beef & Mustard, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Garlic & Parmesan, Hot Jalepeno, Red Hots, Hot & Spicy Pork Rind, Snyder Kettle Style Barbeque, Walkers Cheese & Onion, Beef & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Smokey Bacon and Ready Salted.

Results of this tasting:

Jalapeno - 4, Roast Beef & Mustard - 4, Garlic & Parmesan - 3, Tomato Ketchup - 2, Smokey Bacon - 2, Red Hots - 1, Cheese & Onion - 1, Snyders Barbeque - 1

Declared winner - a tie, between Jalapeno and Roast Beef & Mustard!

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