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Having spent just three and a half days at the show last year, this time we were determined to spend as long as possible at Portland, and arrived on Monday 21 August, with Dave Rotigel and Arnie Fero to set up the canopies (Christian, watched by Little Lisa from her perch on Dave's Galloway) and unload the engines. Then life at the show could take on its familiar aspect of freinds, engines and teamwork.

This is a classic example of the Galloway starting procedure (which can be closely compared with last year's technique) featuring Luke Tonneburger and Steve Webre on the flywheels, with Dave supervising operations from the head. To be fair, though, I've included one of Dave helping Glen Karch to start his Atlas! Helping those who need a hand is a big feature of the ATIS area. This is the arrival of Dolly the Diesel - Paul Waugh, Jim French, Arnie, John Culp and Glen. Teamwork on Leroy Clarke's Associated - Jim, Leroy and Rick Monk around the engine, with Dave and Tom French standing by to offer advice. The teams were also available for loading, in this case an Economy purchased by Dave and Arnie on the advice of Leroy, on behalf of a club member back home, being transported by Bill Tremel who managed to make it to the show for a day. The team here is Arnie, Mike Tucker, Ed Herreid, Keith Kinney and Jim. Chuck Balyeat bought a Famous, which is somewhere in this crowd of back views, which includes John Hammink, Mike, Glen, Steve, Curt Andree, Rick, Ted Brookover and Keith.

Aside from the hard work, the show is time to sit back and enjoy the engines. This is John Fankhauser and the models he has designed and built, and Dick Munter with his Hercules. When Dave says "Life is Good", THIS is what he's talking about! Gene Waugh, seen here being towed by his brother Paul, seems to have grasped the idea of enjoying life too! Ted, the SEL's very talented ignitor man and engine pin-striper, has more accomplishments to his name! Those present at Portland 1999 will remember the daily joke from Reg Ingold. Unfortunately, Reg couldn't make it in 2000, so Christian took his place, seen here with an audience of Dave Rotigel, Jim O'Bara, Chuck, JD and Tom. Come back Reg, all is forgiven!!!

There are pictures on Dave's website of the presentation of my wonderful gift (a 1920 vibrator, complete with all attachments) and here it is, along with the Dave, Arnie and Dolly Beanie Babies, made by Peg Pfeiffer for the ATIS Charity Auction. Also at the ATIS area was the "project engine" the idea of which was for experts to show their various restoration skills, teaching others along the way. Unfortunately, there was so much going on that there wasn't much time. I did get a set of pictures of Dave demonstrating his icing technique, so the next time this subject comes up on list, I'll create a web page for it! Purchases made out in the sale area were dragged back for safe-keeping - this is a couple of sets of wheels for Arnie's cart projects, and a hand coffee grinder I found.

After a long, busy and tiring week at the showground, it was time to pack up and go home - this is Rick's trailer of old iron and accessories ready to head back to Michigan!

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