The Show

The Portland show is so vast, it's impossible to see everything, and this year, I seemed to do more looking than photographing, but there were a few things which caught my eye. In the ATIS area was Arnie's Lorenz and Dave's Domestic (complete with Boston Lobster steaming in the Lorenz cooling tank). Steve Webre and Arnie Fero demonstrate the technique for tramping the flywheels on the Simplex. A word of warning when doing this - make sure you have strong seams on your lower garments!!!! With oilfield engines around, what better place to display a genuine Yellow Dog lantern and a half scale replica?

Out in the field, there were all sorts of different things ... how about this bearing? And, after hearing about them on the list, I was intrigued to see a braider working. The engines come in all makes, shapes and sizes - I'd never seen a Julien before; this model was a real eye-catcher, and this original condition Reid was a crowd pleaser, as was a beautiful Superior in the Big Engine area.

In the sale area, you can find ANYTHING engine-related ... if you look for long enough! This collection of oilers yeilded, after some searching, two matching brass Essex oilers for Tillie!

Unfortunately, Portland 2001 will go down in history as the wet one! It didn't rain constantly, by any means, but when it did rain, it came down hard. When it was time to prepare to leave, it was WET!!! Steve, Dave, Arnie and Paul watch as Jim lies on the ground getting the stablising blocks out from under Tillie's trailer.

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