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Portland begins with breakfast at King's, where the convoy assmebled - Dave with his Domestic in tow, John Fankhauser and his models, the Webres and their Simplex, Arnie with his Lorenz and Petter and the French's - with the beer!!

We reached the showground mid-afternoon and were immediately surrounded by friends from around the States and around the world - this is what the Stationary Engine List is all about. Before long, the first engine project was underway, to make a a
new head gasket for Tillie - Harry Terpstra, Leroy Clarke, George Best, JD, Dave, Dallas and Chuck.

The engines were set up in and around the roped-off ATIS area, with the ATIS banner and national and state flags proudly on display. Dave chose to set up his 15HP Domestic close to a main route for pedestrian traffic, to snare passing females with the lure of starting the engine with it's start button. Here, Dave Rotiel poses with his harem, all attracted by the possibility of pushing his button - Missy Holland, Dolly French and Mel Webre. This picture of me pushing Dave's button does not actually show that whenever I went near it, the engine totally refused to start!!!

The first day, Steve Webre struggled to start his engine, but a quick call to Craig Prucha revealed the subtle tricks to achieving a good start every time, and here we see a very happy Simplex owner and operator. Art and Deana Southwell, with Steve, admiring the new toy! Note Art's original placing of the ATIS logo for easy recognition in a crowd!

The third oilfield engine on the ATIS patch was Glenn Wilson's Mainwaring & Havens half-breed engine - here's Chuck Balyeat and Glenn taking a rest from their labours with the engine.

Of course, the Portland show is a chance to do "live" what we do every day by email - sit, chat, and enjoy the old engines. Dave Rotigel and John Fankhauser keeping a watchful eye on events, Ron Carroll and Kerry Morris put the world to rights; Tom French and Dave, with Reg Ingold ... that's a very mischievous look in Reg's eye! Gene and Paul Waugh, with Dick Gibbens; Keith Munter, Reg Ingold and Arnie, probably spectators for the Tillie-starting ceremony; DJ Rotigel, Richie Backus and Dave (my camera is bigger than yours); and Dave in his role as photographer proving that he know how to handle his camera! Brice Adams, Paul Pavlinovich and Jim, studying Powell oilers after Jim had spent some time stripping down Tillie's Powell and rebuilding it to stop a leak; Dave and Al Confer, President of the Tri-State Gas Engine and Tractor Association, and therefore our host for the week.

2001 was the first time we had our own engine to exhibit, and Jim had the week to learn how to start and run her. Here, he has Tillie-starting lessons from John Fankhauser and words of wisdom from JB Castagnos. The OFES (Oil Field Engine Society) were also on hand with help and advice; this is Russell Farmer and John Burns working on Tillie. Ted Brookover fixing the decal he had prepared onto Tillie's skid, and while he was doing that, we decided that having his skill and paints available was too good an opportunity to miss, so asked him to do some pinstriping on her too. Ted, pinstriping Tillie's flywheel ... and the other flywheel. Ted at work usually attracts an audience - here is Ted with Steve Royster and Kerry. This is Rick Monk and Jim with Tillie. In the background is Reg telling Richie Backus how GEM should be run, and a new convert to the engine hobby, Billie-Jo Waugh, Gene's wife. Preparing to start Tillie - Steve, Kelly Reynolds, Jim, John Fankhauser. Once she's running smoothly, Steve takes Tillie's pulse (with Arnie in the background) and found she could do a sweet 56rpm! Finally, here's one of The Tillie Team, or those present at Portland: Rick, Dallas, Arnie (hat only!) John, Ted, Steve, Mel, Christian, Reg, Dolly, Jim, Dave.

Portland is also a place to take time to introduce a new generation of enthusiasts to the hobby. Matthew Pavlinovich, was fascinated by the working of Steve's Simplex while another new attendee, Lincoln Tucker, was absorbed with washing the wheels of his Maytag cart in a handy mud hole at the end of the show. When John Fankhauser was busy elsewhere, Jim Dunmyer with wife Jan in the background, taught Tom how to restart John's models. Not to be left out, Christian had a lesson from Dave, and was then able to start the model by himself.

When not with the engines, the children had other things to do - this is Tom and Chris French with Cheryl and Steven Allman, playing with Duke the Wonderdog who had his own List ID badge attached to his collar! They were also willing to help out when called upon, so here are Chris and Tom, working hard as Mel Webre's assistants, with Mel modelling the latest in rainwear during one of the more inclement moments for which Portland 2001 will be remembered!

Another regular attendee at the show made the trip again this year from Louisiana -
Little Lisa and Tillie - then hitched a ride to Texas at the end of the show with Chuck and JD.

Mel catches Steve in a laid-back moment to tell him she's off on another antiques hunting trip!

Rick and Gwen Monk, proudly displaying their Petter Appletop.

Friends through old engines and email - Jim and Arnie - just how great IS Portland?

On Thursday evening was the annual
ATIS dinner, where we prove that it is possible to scrub off the layers of dirt and become presentable! L-R Jim, Chris, Arnie, Tom, Mel and Steve. Later on, Dave and Leroy were doing some male bonding!!!

The following night was a new event, hosted by the Allemans from Louisiana, the Cajun Cookout, with Kelly Reynolds talking to Ruth Alleman, with Pete Alleman in front, and Dallas Cox and Kerry Morris at the cookout. This was followed by the Third Annual International World Beer Tasting Event. Here is Tim Christoff with Steve Royster and Steve Barr, taken at some point during the beer tasting, as Tim demonstrates the size of glass he'd like; Fred Roberts and Keith Kinney at the beer tasting (note the typical Ozzie pose with two beer cups in hand - and a bottle!) and Kerry Morris doing his bit for Australia!!!

According to a hastily scribbled list, featured beers on taste were:

Leinenkugels Honey Weiss, Leinenkugels Berry Weiss, Southend Brewery Smokehouse, Labatts Blue, Western Lager, Shiner Bock, Molson Canadian Ice, Hens Tooth, O'Briens Oatmeal Stout, Banktown Brown, Trappist, Youngs St George, Bells Oberon, Hobgoblin, Abita, Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale, Aussie Black Ale, Upland Amber Ale, Hahn Premium, Tooheys New, James Boags Premium, Crown Lager ... and a couple more which I couldn't read! This year's winner, beating Wychwood's Hobgoblin, (1999 and 2000 winner) by just one vote, was Copper Head Pale Ale, brewed by the Free State Brewing Co., Lawrence, KS. If it's available at your local stockists, go get some and see for yourself!!

The crisps / chips (Second Annual International Tasting Event) list is smaller, and the evening too chaotic to be able to announce an unequivocal winner here, but the Braningans Beef and Mustard seemed to do extremely well again!

Here's the list of contenders: Applewood BBQ and Smoked Cheddar, Zapps Regular, Zapps Jalapeno, Zapps Mesqite BBQ, Brannigans Beef and Mustard, Wise Smokey Mountain BBQ, Kays Salt and Sour and Krunchers Hot and Spicy.

The worst part of Portland? As always, the end. New friendships have been made and so new friends must also part.
Fred Roberts, Arnie and Kerry pose for a last picture, and here, Christian, Fred, Cori Herreid, Kerry and Ed Herreid say their goodbyes.

Finally, there were several group photos taken (these will take a little longer to download)

The 2001 OFES gathering

Thursday ATIS SEL group photo

Friday ATIS SEL group photo

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