The Journey Home

With much sadness, we left the showground to head east for the final part of the journey, heading home. Apart from a brief encounter with the List owner, Spencer Yost, on an interstate somewhere in Ohio, the first leg of the journey back was uneventful, and in fact, we were doing so well for time that we decided to stop off in Pittsburgh to look at the National Aviary, and also to check out the display of BIG iron around the Smithfield Bridge area of the city. Pittsburgh, while a lovely city, leaves a lot to be desired where road signs are concerned, so we saw some parts of the city several times, before finding our way out and making a surprise inspection of Arnie Fero's engine shed!

We fully expected to have to go shopping for a larger suitcase on our last morning in America, but somehow, the souvenirs (which included a rather large ball govenor) were crammed in to the existing ones, and we made the flight home.

But although Portland 99 was over, it was far from forgotten as work began almost immediately on the photograph albums and these web pages. Other List members obviously did the same, and some great memories have appeared on various sites:

Ted Brookover's Photographs
The Weaver's Portland Pictures
Rob Skinner's Pictures (including the BIG List photo)
Dave Rotigel's Photos, many of the ATIS dinner
John Culp's Page, featuring the Portland "Commercial Review" article

So, now you know what Portland is all about, see you there, for PORTLAND 2000!!!

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