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Bill Tremel's Reid was a great attention-grabber, especially when he was starting it. Another List crowd-pleaser was Rick and Gwen's bubble machine, powered by the 6HP Titan, and Nels Johnsrud's famous can-crusher kept the children busy feeding it with cans! This is Nels demonstrating his invention to Steve Webre, Jim French and Gary Epps, and Spencer Yost preparing some stock, with Duncan, Sandy, Ted, and Maytag Mark in the background as Tom and Chris French feed the machine. Tom and Chris with Ted Brookover and Maytag Mark Shulaw and the can crusher, and not to forget the Hercules engine which powers it. The Munter's dancing dolls had an almost constant audience, as seen here.

Herbie Fox had brought his beautifully restored 1 3/4HP United, This is a close up of the crank guard and piston, and another of the gearing.

John Cullom had some of his Galloways on show, and while at Portland, he had Ted Brookover complete the pinstriping on his restored engines. This is Ted with his toolbox, working on the flywheel spokes, and the hopper striping, watched by John.

Arnie Fero had his 3HP Novo on display, and Gary Morgan had some wonderful models, including this Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse, and his replica Oldsmobile, being driven here by Eric Webre and Tom French. Tommy Turner's 6HP Olds ran smoothly - here Tommy starts it prior to leaving the showground with the engine running on its trailer. Keith Kinney's Hercules was hi-jacked by Adam Johnsrud and Eric Webre, who wanted to demonstrate their prowess at "flywheel flipping".

Not all engines were so well behaved. Steve Barr's Economy attracted a lot of willing help, in the form of Nels, Rick, Charlie Bryant and Steve, and here circled by Steve Webre, Steve, Kelley Garcia, Rick, John Fankhauser and Chris French.

Dave Rotigel met his 16HP Galloway for the first time at Portland, having had it delivered from the west coast by George Best. Dave has developed a style for starting the engine - find a couple of willing helpers, and stand back! Once running, it was quite well behaved, but was the target for everyone's practical jokes - here seen sporting a Maytag exhaust, and here it seems to have become a Maytag itself - with Dave and Leroy in the background.

Peter Lowe bought a Maytag Twin at the show as a 26th wedding anniversary present for his wife, Kaye, and has named it Matilda. Jim also bought a souvenir of Portland, in the form of a 2HP Root and Vandervoort, which was out on the sale field. It was brought "home" to the ATIS area where it had Dave's Galloway for company. For those of you interested in the fine details, this is a close-up of the engine plate.

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