The World Beer Tasting

Having got so many List members together from around the world, it seemed a shame not to discover a little more about each other, so on Friday 27 August, we held the First Annual SEL Portland Beer Tasting Event.

Featured beers were from Australia, England, Canada, and the US. The following list was compiled by Arnie Fero, prior to commencing the tasting session:

XXXX Bitter, Melborne Bitter, Victoria Bitter, Tooheys New, Hahn Ice, Hobgoblin, Hens Tooth, Fiddler's Elbow, Black Sheep Ale, Solar Eclipse, Labatts Blue, Kokanee, Fosters, Rolling Rock, Yuengling Porter and Black & Tan, Stoudt's Scarlet Lady and American Pale Ale, Anchor Steam (a real engine man's brew with a Maytag connection), Serria Nevada Stout and Pale Ale, Pete's Summer Brew, Fat Tyre Ale, and last but certainly not least, Anderson Valley IPA and Hop Otten IPA. Oh, and some comic threw in a couple of cans of Bud Light!

The popular favorite? Jim French's Hobgoblin, closely followed by Rob Skinner's Hop Otten IPA.

A special award went to Peter Lowe's Australian Bundaberg rum.

This is Rob, Arnie and Peter, discussing the finer points of ale consumed from plastic "Super 8 Motel" beakers.

A selection of empties - a picture taken later in the evening.

The tasting panel take a rest from their duties and responsibilities - L-R ?, Rob, Kelley, Spencer, DJ, Steve, Peter, Arnie, Misty, Keith, John and Don.

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