The ATIS Dinner

Thursday 26 August, was the date chosen for the BIG social event of the Portland show, the ATIS Dinner, held to honour Brice Adams, founder of the Stationary Engine List. There was a charity auction, organised and conducted by Norman O'Neal, followed by several presentations, culminating in the presentation to Brice.

The auction items included various tractor parts, manuals, books, Beanie Babies, a twelfth-scale wooden barn and several other things, ending with the "Final Solution Maytag", originally bought by Ron Carroll in the Christmas auction and painted his choice of colour (puce). After some heated bidding, it was finally knocked down to Rick Monk, who plans to have it decorated with a design of bubbles.

Dave Rotigel was presented with all the equipment he needs to be a Maytag repair man - the named shirt, tool bag and the obligatory axe. John Culp's daughter Jennifer sent a special sticker for Dave's truck.

Brice's engine had sat on the showground being unco-operative for three days before being loaded onto Arnie's trailer for the journey to the Back 40 Junction in Decatur, where there were a couple of failed attempts to start it. However, at the crucial moment, Leroy whispered some endearment to it and it started, to be wheeled through the restaurant running smoothly (much to the amazement of the waitresses and other customers, one of whom, thinking the auction was still in progress, whispered to his neighbour "I'm going to bid for this one!").

Generally, a good time was had by all, as can be seen by the broad smiles of Bill Strickland and Reg Ingold and the Munters and Pfeiffers (Keith and Dick with Peg and Bill). Paul Pavlinovich was the successful bidder on the Millenium Beanie Baby. The happiest smile of the night had to belong to Brice, pictured here with his engine.

What happened after the dinner can be seen on Nels Johnsrud's page ....

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