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Every day started with Reg Ingold's joke of the day - this shows Reg with his audience of Don and Kay Fleming, Linda Cox, Steve and Eric Webre, Arnie Fero and Tom French. In fact, Reg was quite a star of the show, so you might as well enjoy this selection of photos of Jim French and Reg, Keith and Dick Munter with Reg (Reg's t-shirt reads "Aged for Smoothness and Taste") Peter Lowe, Dave Rotigel, Reg and Arnie (is there a limit to how many you can have in a single "Wanted - Dead or Alive" poster???), Tommy Turner and Reg (with Tommy's 6HP Olds) and finally, just Reg.

As you can see, the Aussies were occasionally released from their cage and allowed a little freedom - this is Peter Lowe with Rick Monk - I think Rick was congratulating Peter on joining the happy band of Maytag owners, and Peter in his most frequent pose, gazing intently into the screen of his video camera!

The List area was the place for everyone to have a rest and discuss their latest finds or purchases. This is (L-R) Dallas Cox, Steve Webre, Arnie Fero, Chris and Tom French, and here Jim Dunmyer and Gary Epps enjoy an in-depth chat, Linda and Dallas Cox pose for a photo and Dallas and Steve Webre share a joke.

There was plenty of activity too around the List area. Penelope Maytag, sister of the famous Margaret, came to Portland where Helen French tried to start her. However, things were not too good, and Penelope was next seen having open heart surgery performed by Dr John Culp. Spencer Yost had his John Deere E in pieces a couple of times, and, having failed to start it, I think here he was going to beat it severely with one of the skids, as Ted Brookover stands serenely by! This is Rick, starting his 6HP Titan, with his mum for backup!

A fascinating show project was Paul Waugh's McCormick Deering, here being worked on by Paul and Jim Dunmyer. It was probably the subject of this discussion too, between Paul and Jim! Paul left his work from time to time - here he is using his John Deere tractor to haul someone's trophy back to camp! Spencer and Peter finally ignored engine talk, and fell to discussing the quality of confectionary provided by list members ;-). John Cullom was engrossed in watching Ted painting his engines, while Arnie and Dave admired the big Galloway (with Gary Morgan behind them), and Paul and Gene Waugh just enjoyed the atmosphere. Arthur Buchanan brought gifts from Texas - here he's showing them to Steve Webre and Nels Johnsrud, and here Leroy Clarke, Steve and Don Fleming check out the fuel additive. Not quite sure what is being inspected here, by Steve, Glen Karch, Jim and Chris French - could be the last of the delicious pralines sent by Steve's wife and daughter to keep the energy levels up!

Out in the sale area, I managed to catch Bill Lopoulos, with Jim French and Steve Webre. Fame at last - Andrea Tremel, John Culp, Bill Tremel and Gary Epps reading the front page news, featuring Bill's Reid and the ATIS list. Three out of four isn't bad - the French family (Tom, Jim and Helen) posing with their new toy and Dave's Galloway. Here's Ron and Arlene Carroll ready to head home.

Finally, of course, was the sad tale of Little Lisa, who came with the Carrolls, but sat waiting for her Uncle Dave beside his Galloway, until Ron had to pick her up to take her home before things got ugly. She went home lying on top of his Portland purchases ... But not before one picture was taken of Lisa with both Daddy Ron and Uncle Dave!!!!

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