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That evening, in the motel at Decatur, we met the first List members. At this stage, none of us were wearing the ID badges prepared for everyone by Peg Pfeiffer (once again, thanks Peg!) so it was a case of looking people up and down and saying "Who are you?". The answers were bringing enthusiastic greetings, hugs and kisses, much to the bewilderment of the motel manager, who couldn't quite work out why his motel was full of people from around America, and the world, who one minute were unknown to each other, and the next were hugging in his lobby!

After breakfast next day, we set off down the road towards Portland. The side streets of the town were packed with stalls selling anything and everything, junk old and new. This aerial photo of the town of Portland gives some idea as to the scale of the show in comparison to the size of the town - the show is the large area on the left. Entry to the showground, like we found most things to be in America, was well organised and we parked our vehicle to get our first taste of the show. It was NOTHING like we'd ever seen before; just engines everywhere - big, small, painted, original, models and full size, engines by the trailer full. I tried to take pictures to show just how many engines there are and in almost all my pictures of the show, by looking in the background, you can see it was a paradise of engines!

The most important area of the whole show was, of course, the ATIS List area, indicated by the arrow in this picture. There was also lots to see in the engine display area and most of us spent hours (if not days!) walking the sale area, which was to the left of the large white building in the centre of this photo. The engine display area was pleasantly shaded by the trees, mainly on the right of the the showground buildings, and to the left is the "city within a city" of campers and motor homes.

The other picture which goes with this collection is of the combine harvester scrap yard, which those of us staying in Decatur passed every day - it's got to be the tidiest scrap yard we'd ever seen!

A great deal of credit for these photographs must go to Steve Webre, who certainly had the most stylish mode of transport to reach Portland - a 1948 Cessna 170, which was instrumental in getting these pictures!

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