"Norma Jean" is the name I gave my one and a quarter horsepower Baker Monitor which Jim gave me at Portland, 2003. (The tales of Portland are here). From Portland, she went to Pittsburgh with Arnie Fero for crating, along with a Maytag Twin belonging to Philip Thornton-Evison and a huge variety of other objects, including oil cans, lamps, books, a tiny Root and Vandervoort model, a flat iron (can't think what use I'll find for THAT) and, of course, a cast iron flying pig.
First there were a few engine shows attend before that job, and at one of those shows, the R+V reunion, Arnie met another English engine buyer who had an engine which needed shipping to the UK, so it was decided to ship both together and share shipping costs. There were more delays due to Arnie's work commitments and then Jim's work commitments, but finally we were ready to move the shipment. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible to just take the crates to a depot in Pittsburgh, and Arnie had to make an all-day trek to Baltimore in freezing, snowy weather. However, the paperwork side of things went smoothly and the crates took to the high seas.
The customs in the UK held the shipment up for a couple of days but then the final stage of Norma Jean's journey was faster than expected, and she arrived at the FBI unit a day early. Luckily, the battery in my camera was fully charged!

Jon starts unscrewing the sides of the crate

One side of the crate is off ... and Norma Jean is there, her modesty covered with pretty undies!

Top of the crate coming off, to release Philip's Maytag twin

Jim and Andy working out which bit to take off next

The engine is tipped on it's side to undo the screws underneath

Andy and Barry looking the engine over, making sure all the bits are there

Bob and Barry watch as the twins prepare to start the engine. Bob was prepared with a fire extinguisher after a brief fireworks display!

Jim cranks Norma Jean

Retired employee Bob (too old to die young), Andy and Mick from the unit down the road watch Jim as he starts Norma Jean

She's running!

A nice cloud of exhaust gas to celebrate the end of a long journey

Engines restored by Jim

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