First of all, let me say this is NOT a Morgan. This is a replica 3-wheel Morgan kit car, but for brevity, it is called The Morgan. So, apologies to all those die-hard pernickety folk out there - if you are offended by my incorrect use of the word "Morgan", please read no further. For everyone else, substitute "3-wheel Morgan replica kit car" every time you see "Morgan" and we'll all be happy.

This project was born in the spring of 2011 when we realised there was an excellent chance that our son Christian would finish his university course in the summer of 2012 with a First Class Honors degree in optometry. Such hard work deserves a reward, and as he decided fairly soon after he fixed on a career in optometry (at the age of about 12) that his ideal car would be a Morgan, we started to think about what to do. Unfortunately, we haven't won the lottery recently so a genuine Morgan was out of the question, but a 3-wheeler kit looked increasingly attractive, especially after Jim and Chris visited a local owner of 3 genuine 3-wheel Morgans.

Anyway, here is the progress of the project, starting with the donor bike, carefully chosen to yield an attractive V-twin 1000cc engine. For anyone upset by the desecration of a perfectly good Cali III, thanks to the marvels of eBay and internet forums, the remains of the bike went to many good and needy homes to assist in the revival of other, ailing, Cali IIIs and similar. Also, for the purposes of this project, it was essential to have an engine in good running condition. Building a car from scratch requires that at least the components are good to start with!

As this is a hobby project, legal standards of Health and Safety in the Workplace did not apply; method statements and written risk assessments were not completed at every stage. However, all sensible precautions were taken at all times, so please bear that in mind when looking through the pictures.

Also, the pictures were taken by 4 different people using several different cameras and mobile phones, so sorting the pictures into some kind of order was extremely difficult. Apologies for any repeats or when the pictures are not in the right order - it's close enough.

Right, with all those disclaimers made, let's proceed.

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