I have a very useful little book called "Ready Reference", full of conversions and useful number-related information. It even lists wedding anniversaries with their traditional and modern gifts. However, for 20 years of wedded bliss it incorrectly states "china" as the traditonal gift and "platinum" for modern. In 2006, hitting that milestone, we discovered it should be "old iron" and "microchips" ... a Ransomes MG5 crawler and a new digital camera, to be exact!!!

Jim has looked longingly at mini crawlers for some years now, and this year, as it was a significant wedding anniversary AND we had extra space in the garden as the
Land Rover 101 had moved on to where it would once more be used and appreciated, we decided it was time to look. We watched several come and go on eBay, until we saw one which really appealed. One owner from new, all sorts of implements with it and lots of original literature. To my great surprise, we won the auction, and as soon as possible, Jim went to collect it. Now it was time for me to test out my anniversary present!!!


Removing the dozer blade - a very unusual Ransomes attachment Unloading - Chris working the winch, Tom and Jim providing the muscle Down on the solid ground

Jim on the starting handle, Andy in control of the levers The 600cc engine needed very little work to run - just some fresh oil and fuel Two heads are better than one!




First start in 15 years Clean, smooth running following fuel pump repairs and carburettor clean out

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