We met the organiser of the stationary engine exhibits at the Lamport Hall show several weeks before the show, and he asked us to take Tillie. We said we would, provided he could find a means of unloading her and loading her back up at the rally site. When we got home that evening, Pete called us and said it was organised. Arrangements were confirmed the week before the show, and sure enough, when we arrived on Saturday morning with Tillie in tow, a lorry, loaded with tractors but also sporting a very nice Hi-Ab appeared. Very civilised means of setting up!!!

We also took Jim's 10HP Ruston Hornsby 2HR for its first outing, and Norma Jean, my Baker Monitor.

As usual, the weather was little short of perfect for this show, and when it all drew to a close, Tillie was loaded back onto her trailer with minimum difficulty, and by 9pm, all the engines were back in their rightful places!


Dolly, Tillie and Pete Bailey, rally organiser

Lorry arrives to unload Tillie

Lift - drive the trailer out - lower

How easy is that?

Tillie, in pride of place at the show, with her barker poised to wake everyone up!

At the end of a full day running

Monday morning start, with some enthusiastic helpers

Time to go home ....




Directing the trailer under Tillie

Ruston Hornsby 2HR

Jim's latest acquisition, a 10HP Ruston Hornsby 2HR open crank diesel ran flawlessly for the whole show

Baker Monitor

Norma Jean, my Baker Monitor. She ran really well all day on Sunday (with only a minor oiler problem to sort out) and most of Monday, until ....

... 80 years of wear on certain parts enabled something to come loose and she picked up speed as various govenor components dropped into the grass. Jim will never leave running engines, and this incident proved him right, although folk dived on it from all directions to shut her down, but he'd already got there. Here's Philip Thornton-Evison pointing out the problem to Len Gillings, Tom French, Jim, Pete Bailey and Andy French

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