Lamport Hall show is a favourite of ours. It's well organised, has lots to see and even when the weather forecast for the show weekend is bad, someone has a direct line to the top and the weather turns out to be fantastic.

However, because of the poor forecast, we decided not to take Tillie, and so took the Baker Monitor and the R+V


Norma Jean, the Baker Monitor, was much admired and ran sweetly the whole show

Jim's R+V had a few ignitor problems, but Jim managed to sort them out and get it running as well as ever

Andy's Ruston Hornsby PR, with the Ruston pump Jim found at Sodbury this spring

A smooth-running Blackstone

A rarity on an English rallyfield, a Galloway

A 1 ¾HP Maynard, built in 1916


A 12HP hot bulb Shank's engine, built in 1922


A Stover


The Pride of Northamptonshire, a Fowler traction engine


A Burrell traction engine

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