The Rutland branch of the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club, NVTEC, hold a working weekend every August. Because we're so often heading for Portland, USA, about then, we usually miss it. However, in 2006, Jim and Andy were determined to attend, Andy with his International 275 tractor and Jim with his Ransomes MG5 crawler.
A working weekend is probably aimed less at the general public and more at the owners who want to use their vintage equipment for ploughing, cutting wood etc.
Unfortunately, the weather wasn't great. Although dry on Saturday, it rained all night and in heavy showers during the day on Sunday, so please excuse the dull pictures and rainspots on the lens! I went along on Sunday afternoon, expressly to see the cable ploughing. The videos (on page 2) were taken with my digital still camera, so they're not the very best quality, but I hope good enough to give an idea of the setup.

Jim's Ransome's MG5 crawler - he used the space available to master the controls.

A home-made mini digger

The unusual Dual Power tractor - one tractor, factory made, by fitting two units in tandam

I really liked this scene - she does the ploughing, while he walks alongside with the dog, making conversation!

A 20-ton, "modern" steam engine from 1926


During its working life, the cable drum was once torn off the underside when the operator was distracted watching a hare, and pulled the plough under the engine


This helps to wind the cable evenly onto the drum



Being kept topped up with water

The plough comes in on the end of a row

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