On October 11 2003 was the end of season "Sodbury Sortout". While Jim was arranging to have an exhaust pot suitable for Tillie (the 15HP Tillinghast oilfield engine) delivered to Sodbury, he also decided to make the seller's trip worthwhile by saying he'd buy the 6-7HP Crossley VOE he had for sale. This engine runs on any heavy oil from diesel to used sump oil or heavy tar-like oil. The unit on the side opposite the flywheel is a scavenging pump which compresses clean air and forces it into the main combustion chamber through a transfer port. Many refer to this as "supercharging", but it is, in fact, super-scavenging.

The Crossley was complete except for one missing part, but it was in pieces. Jim downloaded a manual for it from
Paul Evans' site and given the complicated setup of the engine, it didn't seem such a bad idea to have to rebuild it, learning how it works on the way.

Air intake side of the engine, showing the broken fuel tank bracket Exhaust side of engine, with head removed Crossley jigsaw puzzle!

Jim working on the VOE The engine from the flywheel side. In the background is an exhaust pot for Arnie Fero's Crossley 1070 which Jim picked up at the sale. The front of the engine, with the cover plates off to check on the internal workings.

The engine plate Looking down into the engine The fuel sprayer and broken govenor assembly

The trailer after the engine and biggest parts had been unloaded. At the far end of the trailer is the exhast pot for Tillie - hope the neighbours appreciate it! The piston valve; a piston within a piston, activated by a conrod The engine fully reassembled, ready to be restored

Engines restored by Jim

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