Your clever & witty captions for this picture of Arnie and his very small glass of beer are invited.

No prizes, except the satisfaction of amusing your fellow Arnie-admirers.

Captions will be posted here as and when I get around to it!

So, Arnie, what was the FIRST thing to go small? - Bruce Younger

"Either I'm growing or my beer mug is becoming frightfully small" - Rob Skinner

But it said "DRINK ME" - Chuck Balyeat

"The big one's in my left hand, Dolly" - Al Harris

Size doesn't ALWAYS matter - Jan French

Europe has devalued the English pint - Jim French

"I knew the dollar was weak against the pound, but I didn't think it would affect my beer glass" - Arnie Fero

"I ain't turning woman, I read the paper" - Kerry Morris

"Hello.  My name ish Arnie and I'm here 'ta introduche my new lite beer.
Only one schmall glash will do 'ya.  5000 proof!   HIC!......Scuse me!"
- Elden DuRand

Priming Cup - Tom Bellar

One beer makes you larger
Then the beer gets really small
And your beloved mother
Don't give you any beer at all
Go ask Arnie
When he's ten feet tall
Rob Skinner

It's the size of a man's mug, not his feet! - Tim Christoff

"This really sucks but I gotta keep smiling so Dolly will feed me..." - Steve Webre

Here's to you in one small beer,
Wishing it were wine.
Here's to you and your Sweetheart,
Not forgetting mine
- Jack Watson

And those near beers
in mother's basement
don't do
anything at all

And when you go out
chasing Brit iron
before the dollar falls
Just wait for a well heeled
English lagger
to give you a call

Just call Arnie
I bet he'll go

-  Chuck Balyeat

A little beer a day will keep the doctor away - Curt Andree


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