Generous friends lent us their narrowboat, Reeve, for a few days at Easter. Unless you've got a lot of time, a canal boat journey tends to be "there and back", along the same strech of canal, as the round trips often take weeks, so we agreed to take Reeve north for a few days, then hand over to her owners. This involved travelling through Leicester, and for 50 years that has gone down in boating law as a forbidden journey, due to weed, vandalism, rubbish and any other hazard folk can think of. Our only concession was to arrange our travel so that the Leicester stretch could be completed in a day. Full details of the Leicester section of the Grand Union Canal can be found here and here.

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Christian came with us, Tom having stayed at home to do Mini stuff, and he was taking photos and video with his digital camera. Here are two of his videos, one showing the calm pace of canal cruising and the other is, I think, a pretty inventive bit of filming. Using his Gorillapod tripod, he secured the camera to the front of the boat and started filming while he went to open a lock gate. The result is a realtime film of a narrowboat passing through a lock! The second is a HUGE file, so you may need to start the download and go and do something else, like a day's work!

9.4MB avi file

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