Leroy Clark and his "junkyard dog" engines were probably the start of Jim's enthusiasm for making one sort of engine from another, and this particular one was inspired in part by the Frisco style engine, and more so by the Whitehead (hence the name) seen at the 2006 Astle Park rally. He kept an eye out for a suitable engine to be transformed, and found a perfect vacuum pump for sale at the Padstow rally. He then set about elevating the cylinder on four threaded rods, finding gears and then elongating the con rod.

Manus vacuum pump, made in Sweden


Head removed to show valves

Stripped down ready to start the transformation 


2:1 gears ... but the opposite ratio needed!  

Vertical sideshaft coming along nicely 

Conrod lengthened by 100mm 

Working out gear plate

Gears on gear plate

First attempt at rocker

Posh new (nearly) flywheel

Gorgeous flywheel found in a steam enthusiast's shed

Still working on the rocker

More gears and OHC

Can't have enough gears!

Engines restored by Jim

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