There was some dispute as to whether this was the first or second annual rally to be held in the stunning Vale of Belvoir - it was certainly the first with a new organiser, and it seemed to be very well organised. It was held on 22-23 May 2004 in warm sunshine.


Belvoir Castle, home of the Duke of Rutland, which overlooks the rally site


Looking the opposite way from the rally site

A beautifully restored vertical Blackstone

An unusual site on the rally field, a Bentall engine

A lovely Stirling engine display. This engine produced all of 1/44 HP

A large, original and smooth-running Crossley

The Crossley piston

Drip oiling system on the Crossley

An excellent display with a 1060 Crossley at one end and a working corn mill at the other

Bamford corn mill

Jim and Andy checking out a restored David Brown Cropmaster, looking for tips

Another unusual display of roadmending, with a selection of tools, lamps and machinery

What must be the only surviving unrestored Lister D in the UK, running the road mending display

I saw just a few too many of these signs displayed!

The steam engine which powered part of the sawmill display

17 tons of sawing equipment, capable of cutting logs of up to 6' diameter

It takes just 2 hours for the family team to set up this display


A very early, rare Lanz tractor - apparantly the only one in England and one of 80 know to exist


This tractor really is the missing link between engines and tractors!




An impressive row of Lanz tractors


Even the second Lanz tractor in the row was a lovely example of originality

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