Oh, the wonders of eBay. In September 2007, Jim was keeping an eye on an interesting little marine engine, and won it for a monsterous £2.20! £40-worth of diesel later, and one of those great eBay meetings with a really interesting seller, the engine was home. Seller information gave it as a Universal boat engine, from the 20s - 30s, and the internet narrowed it down further to a Universal Marine Utility 4.
Jim started work on it immediately, which was probably for the best as the rusty water inside looked fresh, probably from flooding earlier this summer. A project probably best described as "a challenge".

Head off to reveal a lot of fresh rust

Clean-up operation begins 



Inside the head 

Work in progress  

Valves mostly out 

There's always one! 

Soaking the bores


Some work required

Clean up progressing well

Looking more like a distributor ... even if non functioning


Flywheel and starting motor


Water pump on end of dynamo 

Waterpump, dynamo, distributor 



Just to prove the pistons move 

 See - the pistons have swapped!

Universal Marine plate, with UK plate screwed on top  


Engines restored by Jim

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