Ever since we got Tillie, the 15HP Tillinghast half-breed, Jim has wanted to take her to the Astle Park 1000 Engine Rally but the logistics of moving two tons over a hundred miles AND having the means to load and unload it once there proved extremely difficult. But in 2006, just the day before the rally, Jim and his twin brother decided to go for it, even if the rally organisers had been unable to promise anything in the way of unloading help at the rally site.

Arnie sees the Tillie hoist in action, with 2 generations of FBI (French Brothers Insulation) in control Jim uses the FBI fork lift to move Tillie from the trailer to the truck   Jim pushes Tillie up on to the truck bed!

Although the forklift could have made the transfer from trailer to truck, the twins wanted to make sure it was possible to winch Tillie from ground level up on to the truck if there was no help at the rally site. Loaded up and ready to go.  The first lorry owner the twins asked was more than happy to use his Hiab to unload Tillie. Just took a couple of minutes!  

Undo the tie-downs, attach the chains for even weight distribution ... One flying Tillinghast!  And she's ready to run for the weekend

Andy and Jim prepare to start Tillie Jim demonstrates a great crowd-pleaser - the barker At the end of the afternoon on Sunday, our friendly Hiab owner returned to lift Tillie on to the truck.


The happy grin on Andy's face is proof of how easy it is to take Tillie to a show - provided you have the right equipment and friends!   When Tillie was transferred from truck back to trailer, she rode home backwards, then Jim drove straight in, past Tillie's shelter, unhitched the trailer and winched it the final few yards. Easy Peasy! 

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