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Clarkson Tool & Cutter Grinder

An unexpected bonus, one of our suppliers had this little-used tool & cutter grinder in his stores, and as they used almost exclusively the modern tooling with replaceable carbide tips, it was redundant. We were offered the machine for free (they are a supplier to our company and we are on good terms with their owner) and it was removed at great speed before they could change their mind!

View of the top end, mostly self-explanatory. The attachment on the right is a six-jaw precision chuck and is part of the Drill & Tap grinding attachment which is an expensive add-on to the basic machine. The picture below shows it better. We count ourselves lucky to have got this little beauty for nothing.

Full-height pic of the machine showing the drill/tap holding attachment, the rack and handle for pulling the whole assy across the face of the grinding wheel, the indexing knurled knob at the back of the chuck shaft, this can have two, three, four or six positions to suit the number of flutes on the drill or tap. The ball-ended handle takes the whole assy into or out of the grinding wheel. The base of the holder pivots to an assortment of angles relative to the grinding wheel.

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