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Main Propulsion Marine Diesel Engine Builders

There are many companies that built engines, either as original designers/builders or as licencees to a major manufacturer. Thus Burmeister & Wain (B&W) had many companies around the globe building their designs under licence. Harland & Wolff built both its own and those of others in its shipyards in Belfast. Doxford had its engines made under licence in the USA as the Sun-Doxford. Sulzer had the widest licensee base, starting with Busch-Sulzer in the USA.
H & W - Harland & Wolff (B & W) Doxford - Sunderland Ship / Engine Builders Werk - Werkspoor Engines
Beard - Beardmore - Tosi, Marine Engines Mirrlees - Mirrlees Bickerton & Day Sulzer - Swiss based company, licencees world-wide
Fairbanks Fairbanks-Morse (5 pages) Crossley - Crossley Brothers, Openshaw -
Vickers - Vickers Limited Fullagar - Cammel-Laird Fullagar -

Hot-Bulb Marine Engine Builders

Many of these are older types of hot-bulb semi-diesel engines which were almost exclusively used in the first marine 'diesel' installations prior to WW1. Many of the manufacturers are long gone, but the Petter, Kromhout, Bolinder and other names live on under new owners. Once, these engines provided nearly all the motive power for small to medium size fishing boats in Europe and Scandinavia. Some, like Petters, also made large marine diesels in co-operation with other companies, in Petters case it was Vickers. Some manufacturers like Polar made both Hot-Bulb and diesel engines, but we have only diesel information at present.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom



United States

Ailsa Craig Priestman Capitaine * Fairbanks-Morse
Petters Beardmore * * Metz & Weiss
Cross White-Brons * * Missouri
Stallard Invincible * * Remington
Brooke * * * Seattle
Robey * * * Sumner
Gardner * * Weiss Venn-Severin






Dan AvanceKromhout Grei Plenty
Neptun DuxBolnes Rap Penny Porter
Hein Hexa Brons * *
Alpha Skandia * * *
Tuxham Bolinder * * *
* Polar Menu (23pp) * * *

Interesting that the Scandinavian countries were by far the most prolific makers of hot-bulb semi-diesel engines, with the UK a close second and the USA third.

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