Lister 5/1 Diesel

Threading Tables

German Sewing Machine Thread

Sewing machine Threads - Thought to derive from the United States Standard form
The thread is unusual in having its diameter in inches and other details in mm

Diamater (ins)
Per Inch
Major Diameter Effective Diameter
Screw & Nut (mm)
Minor Diameter
Screw (mm) Nut (mm) Screw (mm) Nut (mm)
5/64" 64 1.984mm 2.013mm 1.726mm 1.468mm 1.554mm
3/32" 100 2.381mm 2.339mm 2.216mm 2.051mm 2.106mm
3/32" 56 2.381mm 2.414mm 2.086mm 1.791mm 1.889mm
1/8" 44 3.175mm 3.217mm 2.800mm 2.425mm 2.550mm
9/64" 40 3.572mm 3.618mm 3.160mm 2.748mm 2.885mm
11/64" 40 4.366mm 4.412mm 3.954mm 3.542mm 3.679mm
3/16" 32 4.763mm 4.820mm 4.247mm 3.731mm 3.903mm
3/16" 28 4.763mm 4.828mm 4.174mm 3.585mm 3.781mm
15/64" 28 5.953mm 6.018mm 5.364mm 4.775mm 4.971mm
1/4" 40 6.350mm 6.396mm 5.938mm 5.526mm 5.663mm
9/32" 20 7.144mm 7.236mm 6.319mm 5.494mm 5.769mm
9/32" 28 7.144mm 7.209mm 6.555mm 5.966mm 6.162mm
5/16" 18 7.938mm 8.040mm 7.021mm 6.104mm 6.410mm
3/8" 28 9.525mm 9.590mm 8.936mm 8.347mm 8.543mm
7/16" 28 11.113mm 11.178mm 10.524mm 9.935mm 10.131mm
9/16" 20 14.288mm 14.380mm 13.463mm 12.638mm 12.913mm

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