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Stuart H2M Diesel

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Some time ago, we purchased a Stuart H2M two-stroke diesel from Philip Thornton-Evison. It is an interesting unit, being pressure scavenged by two horizontally opposed pistons, driven off the engine crankshaft. The series was very short-lived, with less than 500 built. There are a few in preservation in the UK, and maybe a couple overseas. The engine has to be cleaned up and got running, but these pictures are of the engine as received from Philip.

Front of the engine, showing the raised handstart, the sump drain pump and the crankshaft pulley with balance weight and dynamo belt groove.
The dynamo adjusting bracket is sticking up by the sump drain pump spout, and the starting handle is hanging down into the shot.

Direct overhead shot of the cylinder head. The brass knob to the left is for the top engine cover.

Shot of the other side of the engine. For a boat engine, it is surprising how much aluminium was used in the main castings.

A small 3kVA single-phase alternator and exciter that came with the engine. It is a bit scruffy, but will clean up OK.

The nameplate off the alternator exciter unit. The distortion is due to the curved label.

Nameplate off the main alternator. This label is flat!

New trolley frame laid out prior to marking out the mounting holes

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