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Some time ago, we purchased a Stuart H2M two-stroke diesel from Philip Thornton-Evison. It is an interesting unit, being pressure scavenged by two horizontally opposed pistons, driven off the engine crankshaft. The series was very short-lived, with less than 500 built. There are a few in preservation in the UK, and maybe a couple overseas. The engine has to be cleaned up and got running, but these pictures are of the engine as received from Philip.

Right hand view of the engine. The reciprocating water pump is immediately recognisable to Stuart fans, with the water-cooled manifold above and to the right of the engine. The brass-topped tube in the centre is the oil filler, while the two other round brass nuts are for the top engine cover. The actual cylinder block is only half the length of the crankcase, the rest of it being taken up by the scavenge pistons and silencers, the fuel injection pump (tappets only in view here) and the mechanical governor. The fuel filter is at the top inside of the hand-start support bracket. The fuel lift-pump is behind the water pump, while the oil filter and precariously placed oil light switch are at the right side of the sump.

Close-up shot of the water pump and fuel pump behind.

Shot of the right-hand piston pump and intake silencer. The pistons for the scavenge pumps are driven off the main crankshaft.
The oil switch seems a little precarious, mounted at the end of a piece of pipe! An access panel for the crankcase is behind the oil filter.

Top view of the engine. Injectors are not fitted in this shot, so the holes and studs are visible. Exhaust manifold is water-cooled.
Round loop to the left of the head is a lifting eye, another is fitted on the bellhousing.

Shot of the injection pump mounting and tappets, with the fuel filter at the top of the handstart bracket and the governor
mechanism to the right of the injection pump. One of the decompressor taps at the extreme left of the picture.
Sump emptying pump on the right of the handstart bracket. Dynamo bracket bolt holes in the immediate foreground.

Starter motor and the other scavenge pump housing. Dipstick in the darker depths of the foreground, plus the other lifting loop on the bellhousing.

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