Scrap Yard Visit

Shots from a Midlands Scrap Metal Yard

A while ago we walked around a scrap yard in the East Midlands, and came across a selection of interesting artifacts. These pictures are a selection of the pictures we were given permission to take. These were taken in August 2001.

One of the many tractors in the yard, apparently a David Brown.

The scrap yard held about ten or more tractor chassis of various types and sizes, this one had a front loader and was pretty complete, albeit rather rusty.

Bristol air compressor, on a pile of similar units

A single pile of scrap compressors held all types and sizes, but was also the home for some small air-cooled petrol engines. We had originally believed that this make of compressor was linked with the other Bristol trade-named companies, but we have been advised that this was not the case. The scrap pile also held other engines of various types and designs.

Marshall Two-Stroke diesel engine from a crawler chassis

Classic single-cylinder Marshall two-stroke diesel engine, this chassis looking like a crawler chassis rather than the popular tractor chassis which is very collectible these days. The grooves on the flywheel are a single spiral groove which is used on the automatic decompressor. The engine can be started by hand or by cartridge.

Small Lister air-cooled engine on a winch

Probably one of thousands of early Lister air-cooled diesels, this one was fitted to a small winch unit and housed in a sheet steel enclosure.

A largish radial drilling machine

Some early machine tools were scattered around the yard, a big capstan lathe being buried close to the Bristol compressor shown above.
This drilling machine was not looking too badly worn, but had a lot of surface rust. The motors all turned, and the controls worked.

Some small centrifugally cast blanks

This small collection of cast blanks looked to be new and probably quite useful for making liners etc.
There were more under the pile, and we wondered where they had come from.

Some of the metal stocks kept for resale

The yard had a large stock of RSJ's and I-beams which were available for resale to trade or retail customers.
Our next-door neighbour came back from the yard with a 20ft long I-beam of about 18" height and 3/4" section for about £90.

Looks like a grain rolling mill, but not sure...

An interesting bit of kit that we came across while walking round the yard, and while it looks like a bit of agricultural equipment, it could well be something else.

Pile of cast-iron wheels and pulleys

A comprehensive selection of cast-iron wheels and pulleys which was just laying out in the weather gently rusting away.
The wheels were good quality castings which did not seem to have had a lot of use, and are apparently off a field roller for breaking up ploughed ground.

Ruston VTH1 engine and winch, ignominiously upside-down

A sad end for a good engine, the Ruston single-cylinder engine had seized up, probably through lack of oil or water.
The winch was complete with cable and seemed to be in working order.

Lister Autotruck engine and front chassis

One of the popular Lister Autotrucks that appears to have come to the end of its working life. There were other models in the yard, but all seemed to have the chassis missing, so perhaps there were other problems ?

The large flywheel that came from a Gas Engine

Piece de Resistance! The 12 ton gas engine flywheel that we came across in the yard. originally from a large gas engine, the flywheel was recovered but the engine was buried where it stood as being too difficult to break up. Rita stands alongside as a height comparison.

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