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Further Progress - Page 4

Further pictures and work details

Before we got the engine assembled, it took a bit of sorting out to see where everything went and what its function was. Because the engine was fitted with an indicator, there were a few items on the crankcase that were definitely not standard, and we had to make sure that we understood their function before we went ahead with a test run.

Ruston Trolley Chassis Front

Shot of the rather weathered inside of the chassis. After six months under a sheet, it is surprising that the unpainted chassis was not rusted more severely than this. The top front channel suport section is shown under the front of the crankcase, while the axle support beam is below it, with the pivot bush and just about visible the hole into which it will fit. The exhaust has to run between the two, backwards towards the silencer which will be clamped up inside the trolley chassis.

Ruston Trolley Lifting Eye

Just for completeness, a shot of one of the four 24mm lifting eyes, showing its rated load of 2.5 tonnes. It is sitting on the turntable of 350mm or 14" dia. These bolt through the top flanges of the main trolley members at each corner. Don't expect to need to have to use them, but it is a useful provision.

Ruston Lubricator drive

Close-up of the oiling lubricator, driven by an eccentric cam on the sideshaft. The ratchet mechanism ensures that the pump shaft rotates positively one way, although the pump pistons would work either rotation. The cylinder block water outlet can be seen behind and to the right (and out of focus)

Ruston Side Shaft

A shot of the engine plate taken through the (original) flywheel. Colour of the wheel was black with a lightish blue rim face. The hardware in the top of the crankcase is the main nuts and locknuts plus oil cover for the bearing on that side, taken while we had the opposite side bearing out to clean out some rainwater, loosening off this side enabled the crankshaft to be lifted enough to get the bottom bearing shell out on the far side. The small hex headed bolt to the left of that hardware is the left hand front screw for the crankshaft cover or guard.

Ruston Trolley Axle ends

Waiting for the new flywheel, cleaning out that side main bearing housing of some rainwater. The extension of the eccentric drive rod up to the spring guide and housing can be clearly seen in this shot. At the extreme far end of the spring housing is the swivelling cord guide for the Indicator.

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