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Ruston 1ZHR Diesel

Further Progress - Page2

Further pictures and work details

Before we got the engine assembled, it took a bit of sorting out to see where everything went and what its function was. Because the engine was fitted with an indicator, there were a few items on the crankcase that were definitely not standard, and we had to make sure that we understood their function before we went ahead with a test run.

Ruston Bearing

A better view of the main bearing and ring oiler. The bearing half shown has all of its machining marks present, with very little obvious wear.

Ruston Cylinder Head

Front end, a bit lacking in depth of field, but shows the injector and Indicator tap, plus the starter cap (hexagon headed object)

Ruston Crankshaft

Closer view of the crankshaft, big-end bearing and the oiler casting bolted to the crankshaft web. The main bearing oil wells are filled by removing the black caps with 'RH' embossed on them. When running these oil wells supply oil to the main bearings through the ring oilers which run directly on the journals.

Ruston Rear View 2

A better view of the eccentric mechanism for the Indicator.

Ruston New Flywheel

At last!! The new flywheel is on the crankshaft.

Ruston Cylinder Head 2

Indicator tap and the injector.
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