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Further pictures and work details

The following are some of the ancillaries that are associated with the Ruston, plus some of the extra shots of the fittings that we didn't have room for in the previous pages.

Ruston Trolley Axle ends

A better shot of the axle ends and how they go into the box section tubing. Note that the tubing wall is 5mm thick, not the thinner stuff!

Small Trolley Chassis Front Axle

Shot of the pivot bolt head welded to the turntable on one of the smaller axles. The Ruston axle is similar but with a larger and thicker turntable disc, plus a longer axle tube.

Small Trolley Axle set

A shot of a complete axle pair for the smaller trolleys. The tubing and stub axles are the same as the Ruston sets, just a bigger turntable disc. The stub ends are 1-1/4" diameter to take either a taper roller bearing or a needle roller bearing.

Ruston Engine Indicator

Close-up of the Dobbie-McInnes Engine Indicator, mounted on its holding sleeve on the wooden transit box. The actuating cord is hanging out to the right, and following pictures show the cord installed on the engine. The drum holds the special paper around its circumference, and the marker stylus marks the paper to show the pressure against piston position.

Ruston Engine Indicator 2

Another shot of the engine Indicator taken from the other side, showing the marking stylus resting against the drum. Adjustments are provided for different engine compression ratios so that the one kit will enable testing of all classes of engine to be tested.

Indicator Cord Guiding Pulley

Front swivelling pulley for the Indicator cord, taking the cord from the Indicator back round the cylinder head to the guide rod on the side of the block. The guide rod is connected to the eccentric on the engine crankshaft, thus enabling a reciprocating motion to be transmitted to the Indicator drum.

Indicator Cord layout

Shot showing almost the complete route of the Indicator cord, from the Indicator itself on the right foreground to the guide rod in the distant left background. The eccentric can be seen at top left, and the cord is anchored at the end of the guide block to the rod which goes inside the block itself.

Indicator Close-up

A shot of the indicator mounted on the engine adaptor, with the on-off tap adjacent and the injector behind. The angle does not affect the instrument in any way, it can operate upside-down iof necessary. The hexagonal steel plug underneath the Indicator is the starting fuse holder which must be unscrewed and a start fuse inserted, then lit, and then put back onto the engine before the engine can be started. If the fuse goes out, you do it all over again! The steel pipe on the right is the injection delivery pipe from the injection pump.

Ruston Top View 2

Simple top shot showing the Indicator cord, the engine front fixing bolts (1 of 2, the other is not in place) and the relative positions of the various bits and pieces.

Packet of Indicator Paper

Packet of Indicator paper, does what it says on the packet!!

Packet of Indicator Paper

Rev-counter off the Ruston, shown here without its mounting pedestal which is about another 6 inches higher than the counter and immediate mounting as shown here. The belt drive is taken off the crankshaft from the ali pulley shown in the photo's.

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