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Further pictures and work details

Before we got the engine assembled, it took a bit of sorting out to see where everything went and what its function was. Because the engine was fitted with an indicator, there were a few items on the crankcase that were definitely not standard, and we had to make sure that we understood their function before we went ahead with a test run.

Ruston Trolley Axle ends

I tried to get a decent view of the ends of the axles to show the 40mm square steel bar which was bolted into the inside of the 100 X 50mm box section. This shows a pair of axles, a closer view is further down the page. Bolts are HT 12mm diameter, just under 1/2".

Ruston Trolley Wheels

The cast ali wheels with moulded tyres that we are going to use on the Ruston trolley. They are manufactured by Aerol Inc., and came with bearing outers but no inners. The bearings were a standard size so we just bought new bearings and used the inners only, the wheels were new and came from the DRMO sales at Molesworth. The tyres are about 3½" wide, and with the high weight of the Ruston we decided on the wheels with taper roller bearings to make it easier to move.

Ruston Trolley Turntable

The front axle with turntable fitted. The plate is 8mm or 5/16" thick, and has the main pivot bolt passing through its centre. The bolt is 30mm diameter or about 1-1/8", the pivot bush which will fit in the chassis box section for the bolt to turn inside is on the left top side of the picture. The turntable diameter is 350mm or just about 14".

Ruston Trolley Front View

A lower shot of the front of the engine and the chassis ends. The silencer is a Burgess low-noise type, and reduces the exhaust noise to a muffled 'thump thump' which is quite pleasant while not being annoying to the neighbours. The chassis main members have rope hooks welded on at each corner and in the middle, for lashing the trolley to the trailer. The holes in the top flanges are 25mm or 1" and are for the lifting eyebolts. The exhaust is 2" diameter, and will run backwards under the trolley frame where the silencer will be hidden. The engine sits on the inner edges of the main frame members, plus there are three RSJ channels which are welded across the members flush with their tops. The front channel is only there for support, the middle and rear channels taking the engine hold-down bolts.

Ruston Axle end

Another and better view of the axles ends. We have made a batch of these to cover our immediate trolley needs, and standardised on an axle bearing diameter of 1¼", as this fits so many wheels and bearings. The through bolts are 12mm HT types with thicker than standard washers at both ends. The axles are turned from 40mm square steel MS bar.

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